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Treatments, Services & Packages.

Chronic Fatigue / Energy

There are many reasons why people suffer from chronic fatigue. Sometimes it's an undetected bacteria or virus  or more commonly, people are not giving their body the nutrients, molecules and minerals they need as per their DNA. A full genetic profile can give us all the information we need to correct your eating & supplementation plan - one best suited to your DNA. A simple GUT DNA test can also determine any nasty bacteria in your gut and a relevant blood test will reveal any undetected viruses. Most people that see us claim they have had many blood tests however more often than not, these may not be the right test/s.

Intracellular Detox 

I am sure we have all had our fair share of detoxes however the kind of detox I am talking about is not about fasting or green juicing (although for some this may be necessary).

Intracellular detox is something our bodies are incapable of doing through food or juicing. This type of detox cleanses every cell in the body from the inside out. Every human being has trillions of cells and over time these cells build up toxins that cause free radical damage which leads to cell death. Intracellular detox & repair protects your cells from toxic build up and slows down the entire ageing process.

This treatment is extremely important for every individual and the results are outstanding. Most people, after 1 to 3 months of this treatment, notice mental clarity, better focus, more energy, and  deeper sleep. Most beneficial for anybody suffering from any kind of inflammation. 


The latest medical research has proven that high cholesterol is mainly caused by high levels of inflammation. We have had great success in reducing inflammation and normalising cholesterol levels naturally, within 4 to 6 months. The blood tests prove it.

Sports Medicine

Most serious athletes burn out before the age of 30 and some athletes suffer arthritic symptoms early in life. Science has proven we are clinically old after the age of 25 as our cells rapidly die. Sometimes even the fittest people die of a heart attack despite common blood tests showing that everything is normal. At AP Wellness we know where to look for the right answers and can offer the best natural solutions to prevent this from happening to you, whilst giving your body the maximum energy output and cell support to prevent cell death and lactic acid. Using the latest technology our treatment is proven to provide you with the fastest recovery available today.

Genetic Profile Testing

Having access to this cutting edge technology allows us the ability to provide personalised health care for maximum results, prevention of illness and most of all slowing down the ageing process. Knowing that we have the ability to keep those bad genes switched off during the course of ones life is a brand new concept. Just because you are born with the diabetic gene or the heart disease gene does not mean you will have those illnesses. In fact it's the opposite, we can totally control the outcome of our health by having this knowledge. The best part of all is that you only need to have this test once. A Gut DNA Test on the other hand, is a test that allows you to see the progress of our treatment plan. It is recommended that the Gut test is conducted once per year.

Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Treatment & Protection

In the last 20 years we have seen an enormous change and increase in electro magnetic radiation which is present all around us. AC/DC current is extremely damaging to the human energy field or as some would call it, the electric body. In today's world we are using mobile phones, computers, sitting in electric cars. It has been proven that technology causes permanent DNA damage. This can lead to serious blood disorders not to mention many other illnesses. Just because it 's invisible to the human eye,  does not mean it does not exist. We must protect ourselves and our home from this harmful frequency if we are to stay healthy.

Intuitive Healing

Every energy practitioner I have ever met has a unique style of working I am yet to meet someone doing the same type of work as me except for the incredible lady who passed her gift onto me for which I will be forever grateful. Having an ability to see, hear and feel beyond the normal range of most human beings is a gift that should be used for the good of mankind. It is an honour having the privilege to help the human spirit reach its maximum potential in this life.

What to expect ? 

after 4 sessions most people notice a significant change. 

Heightened Awareness- Enlightment

Become Very Intuitive- Ability to understand with far more clarity

A feeling of freedom. A feeling of happiness.

Becoming true to oneself- Having new strength.

Expressing and articulating verbally better than before.

Internal sense of peace and calmness no matter how much chaos is around them.

It is common for deceased loved ones to pop in and pass on a message sometimes from the other side however it is not the reason for my work.

Please Note--- The being must be cleansed of all substances like drugs & alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours prior to a session.

The purpose of my work is to free the being and unlock hidden boundaries that prevent the being from reaching their maximum potential with ease throughout their life.

It is a different experience for everyone and I heal what is urgent in the order the spirit requires it in. Sometimes i remove trauma without having to talk about what the trauma is, I do this telepathically. The results are instant although if there are several layers of trauma sometimes it can take a few more sessions before all of the trauma is removed.

After the initial 4 sessions each individual will be able to determine when they need another session. Each individual evolves  at their own pace it is up to them to choose when they feel like they need an upgrade. I always advise people to only come back when they feel stuck and are ready for the next upgrade.


                           Rates                                                                         Intuitive Healing Packages

                                                                                                 Remote Healing & Clearing x (4hrs=$1999.)

Initial Health Consult:  - $450.00.                                              Initial  - Spirit Cleansing  x (4hrs) =4 Sessions $4220.                                                                                                                        

Follow-Up Consultations:  - $350.00                                      Past Life Clearing--- Minimum x 8 Sessions $ 8000. 

Extra charges for lab tests can apply. -------------                                   Removal of EGO Minimum  x 12 Sessions $12,000.  

  •   Health Evaluation                                                                              Heightened Awareness Advanced x 16 SE $16,000.

  •   Symptom Evaluation                                                                          Ongoing Sessions After Spirit Cleanse $1,000.

  •   Report & Record                                                                                  Includes - Uploading New Skills and Abilities.

  •   Herbal Recommendations as appropriate*                                   Trauma Clearing- Minimum x 4 sessions. $4000

  •   Supplementation Recommendations as appropriate                   Includes Removal of Blocks. 

  • Follow up Health Consultation                                                                               DNA     Tests

Extra charges for lab tests can apply.                                           - Full Genetic Profile Package Includes 2 x Consults $1500


                                                                                                          -Gut DNA Package Includes 2 x Consults $1500

  • Supplementation Recommendations as appropriate            Allergy Intolerance  Full Comprehensive. $1800

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate                                Allergy Test Includes 2 x Consultations .

  • Report and Record.                                                                    Discounted Full Genetic & Gut DNA Package $2500.

  • Plan for course of treatment                                                     

  •  Educational materials

  •                            All appointments require 24hr cancellation otherwise a fee of the time allocated will apply

  • Please note a 50% deposit paid upon booking.

  •  All energy sessions -  1hr  = 1 session.

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