Sara Zinger Victoria

For years I have suffered from chronic fatigue and have never been able to find the source of my problem until I discovered Anna. I highly recommend Anna to anyone. Thank you Anna,  i finally have the answers i spent 30 years looking for.

Louise Stephens NSW

I was referred to see Anna by Dr Dobie during a time of physical exhaustion and emotional confusion. I was absolutely lost. Her presence was calming and healing. Her insight and energy was incredible. What followed our energy sessions was an incredible life change for me. I suddenly had the strength to follow my heart, truth and make enormous changes in both my professional and personal life. Anna continues to be an energy force behind me, appearing in my life when I get  stuck and need clarity and guidance. Thank you for giving me internal peace.

Irena Burton QLD

For a long time ( many years) I have been searching for answers to couple of my health problems with no success at all, no one has been able to find the core of my problems. Until I met Anna and asked her for help.

We are now LOT clearer as to what is happening with my body and on the right track to  correct the imbalances that are causing my problems.

Thank you Anna for your expertise, knowledge and the time and effort you put into research to be able to help us. Not forgetting the valuable energy sessions !!

                                                                                      Without Pre Justice


AP Wellness does not treat cure or diagnose in anyway. AP Wellness offers Health Support and recommendations via consultation and refers clients to Naturopaths, Doctors, Specialists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, TCM doctors, General Practitioners, Skin Specialists etc.. 

AP Wellness offers spiritual energetic healing and is not in any way therapeutic and does not treat, cure or diagnose in anyway.

AP Wellness supplies EMR/EMF products that are not in anyway therapeutic and do not treat cure or diagnose.  

AP Wellness is a Health Coaching Business that has alliances with many health care providers some offering DNA Testing.

DNA Testing booked through AP Wellness is for wellness purposes only and are not medical and do not treat, cure or diagnose.



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