Quantum Transformation

  •  Ascend to the 5th Dimension--Accelerate your learning  

  • Re-code your DNA for a better happier, life. (Changing your Frequency)

  • Learn the difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimension

  • Includes 4 x personal transformation sessions. (The Cleanse.)

  • Learn to recognise toxic people. Increase your awareness.

  • Learn to create the future you desire now.   

For  Bookings  Dial Anna Peters : 0412 378-078. Fee $1200.

Anna Peters spent the first half of her life studying nutrition, biology and health science and says, although feeding the physical body what it needs is extremely important it was not enough to fulfil her soul.  


Anna suffered a debilitating Injury and was unable to continue her sporting career in fact she was unable to do anything, suffering excruciating pain lead Anna to the path of enlightenment and the 5th dimension.

 Anna has been working in this space approximately 15 years and has transformed the lives of many by re-connecting them to the 5th Dimension a consciousness that we were all once connected to and somehow descended to the 3rd dimension causing a feeling of unrest, unhappiness, anxious, lost, without purpose & disconnected from the source. 

“To often I am told by individuals that they 're unhappy & stuck in life attracting the same lessons and struggling to move forward,  this is because of the frequency they are in, once the frequency is upgraded then the individual begins to experience a new paradigm and a happier life experience as they move towards shedding layers and layers of 3d paradigms and programs in their DNA that does not serve them anymore.”

  This course is designed for the individual looking for a better, happier & faster way to accelerate the learning process so the individual reaches its maximum potential without the blocks thus freeing the soul to create whatever they desire just by simply using thought. 

5D reconnection is the fastest way forward and this course will help you understand the process and changes that occur during the change.


“It is my honour and a privilege to assist the transformation process of every individual being because everybody deserves love, peace, happiness and freedom.”  



  Anna Peters.

" When you die you take the knowledge with you "

                                                                                      Without Pre Justice


AP Wellness does not treat cure or diagnose in anyway. AP Wellness offers Health Support and recommendations via consultation and refers clients to Naturopaths, Doctors, Specialists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, TCM doctors, General Practitioners, Skin Specialists etc.. 

AP Wellness offers spiritual energetic healing and is not in any way therapeutic and does not treat, cure or diagnose in anyway.

AP Wellness supplies EMR/EMF products that are not in anyway therapeutic and do not treat cure or diagnose.  

AP Wellness is a Health Coaching Business that has alliances with many health care providers some offering DNA Testing.

DNA Testing booked through AP Wellness is for wellness purposes only and are not medical and do not treat, cure or diagnose.



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