Protection from Electro-magnetic Radiation


The Personal Pendant was specifically designed  to be worn over the thymus so comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy).

This product then has the effect of strengthening the wearer's energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of  some man-made EMF/EMR. The process is similar to an antidote, which transforms a poison to neutral and educates the body to resist the poison next time.

Testing has been done on a variety of people after they have worn the PP in the correct position for 24 hours.
These results have been observed on biofeedback equipment such as:
EEG, showing brain wave activity, Micro Capillary Microscope showing blood flow, Acutec, Ridoraqu & Prognos, computer programs which test via the meridian system.. Kirlian tests were done over a 56 day period on a number of people wearing PP while they continued on with their normal life. These tests were carried out on the latest computerized diagnostic equipment used in Eastern European military hospitals.

Personal Pendants are designed to be worn around the neck under the Thymus

The Pendant adapts to the wearer's personal matrix, thus the wearer's, energy field may become stronger and more balanced. The Pendant may help the wearer cope with their  EM environment. The Pendant may also increase activity in the lower brain frequencies as usually happens in deep meditation & concentration.

Wearing the Pendant

Choosing your Pendant

According to many wearers the Pendant has helped negate other energies.

This Aura photo shows the light emitting from the Pendant while being worn
(not detected by the naked eye).

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                                             Special Offer:
The House Kit was put together to assist clients cover their house, car, phones, water and bodies with AP Wellness products at an affordable price.
To encourage our clients to take care of all their home and family bio-energy needs,

AP Wellness offers this package at a 20% discount.

Home Care - House Kit (the colours of the plates may vary but are similar to the pendant colour range)

  • The House Kit consists of:
    4 Phone Tags

  • 2 Adult Pendants

  • 1 Pocket Travel Plate

  • 1 Water Kit

  • 1 Stabiliser

  • 1 Car Plate

  • 1 House Plate

  • All in a useful toiletry bag. 

                                                                                      Without Pre Justice


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