Anna Peters


International Wellness Engineer

Health Researcher

Energy Healer

Anna has spent most of her life in Victoria & NSW and graduated in 1986 with a Diploma in Skin Aesthetics and continued her studies, specialising in health, genetics & anti-ageing.

At an early age Anna found herself interested in Science & Spirit and how the two differ. This led to her interest in Quantum Physics - an area she has been researching ever since.

Anna set up her first medical clinic in Sydney and had the pleasure of working alongside  Dr Peter Dobie.

Anna would like to thank Dr Peter Dobie, Dr Damien Guengerich, Dr Paul Calladine & Dr Chris Gilchrist for their trust in her and referring clients over a 5 year period whilst she was based in Sydney. Anna is currently based in Melbourne Victoria.   

In addition to being a health practitioner & an award-winning athlete,  Anna has been a highly successful Corporate Presenter / Trainer & Motivational Speaker. 

Dr. Damien J. Guengerich



Dr Damien J. Guengerich, originally from Lake Glenmaggie near Heyfield in Gippsland, completed a Melbourne University Science degree before graduating from the RMIT Osteopathic Program. Along with Andrew, he continued MOC as a professional entity in 2001. Damien has been consultant Osteopath to more than 9 AFL clubs, and has completed an Advanced Certificate in Sports Rehabilitation to compliment his “hands.”

He enjoyed a successful footy career with the University Blues A Grade Football Club in the VAFA, was a Vice-Captain of the Senior 2004 Premiership Team, and Premiership Coach of the Reserves in 2008 and 2009, as well as playing in 2 Senior Premierships (’00,’07) with his home town Heyfield Kangaroos. Damien continues his strong ties with Heyfield by consulting fortnightly at the Heyfield Hospital Consulting Suites.

As Past President of the Australian Osteopathic Association, Damien passionately believes the profession of Osteopathy will continue to grow as a leader in primary “hands-on” health care and is constantly reminded of the amazing self healing properties the human body possesses, that sometimes just need a “helping hand.” Damien treats a wide range of sports and work related injuries, as well as babies and children, and he thrives on the challenge of helping others attain and maintain optimal health and fitness, whilst achieving their goals.

Dr Richard Martin

B.App.Sc (Cli Sc)


Completing his chiropractic degree at RMIT University Melbourne in 1997, Richard’s first five years were in practice in Melbourne utilising traditional methods. A yearning for travel saw him move with his wife Clare to Glasgow, Scotland for a years working holiday. 

It lasted seven as it was such a rich chiropractic and personal experience.In Scotland he became a leader in the Glasgow Chiropractic community, then the largest chiropractic company in Europe and was awarded their Chiropractor of the Year honour in 2006. It was in this time that he first learnt of Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Excited at the prospect after some initial learning in ABC™, Richard travelled to meet founder, Dr Jesse Jutkowitz, in the USA. He found a worthy mentor who would become a great friend.Richard is credited with pioneering ABC™ in the UK (where it continues to prosper to this day). He was awarded the position of Australasian instructor in 2010 and presents seminars to chiropractors throughout the region on a regular basis.

Richard was a founding member of the professional association for ABC™ chiropractors throughout Australasia and serves as it’s inaugural president.Richard together with his wife Clare and children live a full and somewhat crazy life that they wouldn’t trade for the world. An on and off runner, he feels proud to have remained a regular at CrossFit for nearly two and a half years. Otherwise he indulges any spare time into obsessing about music and miscellaneous chiropractic-nerd stuff.

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AP Wellness does not treat cure or diagnose in anyway. AP Wellness offers Health Support and recommendations via consultation and refers clients to Naturopaths, Doctors, Specialists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, TCM doctors, General Practitioners, Skin Specialists etc.. 

AP Wellness offers spiritual energetic healing and is not in any way therapeutic and does not treat, cure or diagnose in anyway.

AP Wellness supplies EMR/EMF products that are not in anyway therapeutic and do not treat cure or diagnose.  

AP Wellness is a Health Coaching Business that has alliances with many health care providers some offering DNA Testing.

DNA Testing booked through AP Wellness is for wellness purposes only and are not medical and do not treat, cure or diagnose.



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